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Niche Down?!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

So many of the coaches in the world claim that we have to have one focus, to push and promote. Does that really work for everyone in the entrepreneurial life? Especially those in the business of freelance like me, I am literally the Jill of all trades. How the heck does someone like me niche down when I am multifaceted? I’m skilled in so many things, digital content creation, coaching, video editing, etc. so you mean to tell me I have to choose a service and just promote that? No way. My world is like Pinterest, I have several boards and I pin my creations to each of course organized! I have different strategies and plans about how I can come up with content especially to attract several audiences. For the average person selling one thing or providing one service, yes niching down will absolutely work! But for me and my theeGIRLbrand house, we won’t be dumbing down anything! You will get all of our colorful, fun and creative content so that we can attract clientele who are just as awesome and who would love for us to make their ideas a dope reality.

Until next time….

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