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Copywriting ABC’s for Social Media Content Creators

I’ve been researching #copywriting! Although it’s a fun and interesting topic, some things stood out to me that I felt #marketing wise would definitely help people understand the importance of writing captivating captions but will also pull in sales!

Here’s the top 3 Copywriting ABC’s I knew but also got more knowledge about:


Did you know that writing captivating things to grab someone’s attention is the #1 skill to get people to actually stop and read? Once you get a person hooked, especially if they can relate you’ve hit a small jackpot! 🤣


Once you’ve captivated someone, the general idea is to keep them wanting more right?! Well with that comes a promise, and not something simple. What you are offering has to either be something that someone needs in order to benefit them or it has to promise them great results! If they are still interested your jackpot is about to get even bigger with the next letter…


So once you’ve gotten a consumer’s attention and you’ve made them a big promise, you need to let them know how to grab this offer! It has to be a call to action; tell them to visit your #website/store, give you a call, click a link to purchase, #comment on the post, sign up for exclusive offers, share with a friend, most importantly tell them to buy your products.

*BONUS: Use hashtags, especially when you’re on social media! Hashtags are the gateway to people searching or even scrolling through niche specific things they need for themselves or their #businesses! You must be sure to do your hashtag research because with the #algorithm changing daily and using too many & the wrong #hashtags won’t give you much engagement.

#Hope all of these tips have been helpful on your pursuit of #copywriting! Comment some more tips below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ thanks for reading! ✨

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