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Being a Freelancer is a Battlefield

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Anyone who has sat and thought about becoming a freelancer, has probably heard so many of the downsides to being a freelancer. From over animated or dramatic clients, to not being paid (on time or at all); freelancing is made out to be an undesired way of working. I've literally sometimes contemplated quitting, I've also dropped certain services because certain clients require too much, and I've even sometimes had a drought where a lot of people don't need what I provide. It literally is a battlefield in this industry but just like it has it's faults it sure enough has it's perks! Many freelancers will tell you, just like I would, there's a ton of great things being a freelancer but babyyyyyyyy there's a lot of clichés attached to freelance jobs! Here's some that either drive me crazy or drive me to tons of dollars or top clients:

Clients treat you bad.

Think about you being at work, managers and supervisors sometimes treat their staff pretty strongly. Same with most clients if they are trying to be a pain in the butt while getting your project done. Most of the time, however, clients are going to treat you fairly and will do so based on your abilities as outlined in your contract. If you treat your clients well and are willing to work at the relationship, you’ll find yourself with repeat clients.

Juggling multiple clients.

Honestly this is a choice, especially if you're a one man show! If you can handle different projects at once, you are a pro. But if you can't, starting an agency might be a better idea if you have a management mindset you can hire a team to tackle your projects. You have the option to look for long-term projects that are full-time or with one client.

Always an influx or shortage of clients.

There may be times when it feels like the work is coming in waves, like a lot of clients all at once. The honest truth, it isn’t always going to be like that. Freelancers SOMETIMES estimate that they earn just as much money, if not more, than when they were employees. It's just really hit or miss honestly. One minute you're making bank but other times its like bring on the $1.25 ramen for dinner. LOL!

Finding clients is always tough.

In the beginning stages, yes, finding clients might be tough. However, with networking and dedicated time you can find clients. Let’s also not forget the importance of technology, you can find jobs online, you can find them by attending networking events, etc. Freelancers in today's time, have tons of clients at their fingertips through social media and virtual networks.

Gotta start your own business.

Sure, knowing basic business skills is needed to deal with taxes, legal documents, and contracts, but not all freelancers are running actual businesses. In reality, there are several forms of freelancers in addition to business owners! You don't have to start a business, you can do odd & end kind of jobs and not be full-time or part-time, just do it for a hobby! Running a business isn't easy, don't do it if you aren't ready!

There's so much more! Truthfully, freelancing might not be for everyone! It is a lot more people today, making the leap from working for someone else to freelancing full on. I can't wait to freelance full-time, I wrote this blog to motivate others but also to keep myself inspired to keep going in spite of the many bombs and bullets fired at me on my journey. Since many are sticking with it long-term, like myself, the truth about freelancing must not be all that bad.

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