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5 Random Branding Tips

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

How to achieve BRANDING without really trying to… Look no further, as I’ll try my best to post tips on my page! Let’s start off with the 5 listed on today’s post:

1. Over the top logos might leave a lasting impression but it doesn’t have to be anything over the top for anyone to remember your brand. Remember, it’s all about the colors, the fonts and the image it conveys for your brand! Does it scream “check my business out” to your future clients? Yes. Well that’s what matters most, not the cute bells, swirls and whistles!

2. Fads only last but so long! Come up with something you feel that will last for as long as you want to remain in business. Yes, fads will attract people but will it help you retain those clients? Create your own trend and move forward with branding!

3. Business is all about getting the money but branding is a whole lot more. Make connections, build your network and come up with the many ways you can grab new clients while they need whatever you are selling or promoting! You never know you might bump into someone, who might know someone who needs you! Get your brand/name out there.

4. There’s tons of sayings about originality. Apply that to your branding just like you do in real life! When you are authentic and organic in everything you do, you provide an atmosphere where anyone will be willing to work with you. Have you ever tried copying something but you don’t get the same results someone else got because the original work isn’t yours? Think about all the effort you could’ve put in by doing something fresh and new! Be original.

5. Always measuring success, whether it’s good or bad. If it’s good, reward yourself… If it’s bad, let that be the fuel or motivation to do good or even better next time! Set the bar at a rate in which you can keep reaching the top for your brand!

For more tips like this one be sure to like, share and save this content! Tag some friends who need BRANDING tips for their business. See you on the next RANDOM BRANDING TIPS post! 💛

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